College Boots

College boots are a great choice for all occasions, but when autumn rolls around we start to shine our college boots for football season. Down here in Texas you can bet we take tailgating to a whole new level. That’s why Gameday Boots has created a new line of custom gameday high school and college boots, because we know the best fans deserve the best boots.

Every pair of boots comes in an original design for each school’s mascot and colors. Not only have we created designer college boots for your favorite team, but we’ve also designed custom creations for you high school football fans too. Whether you’re a high school freshman, college senior or die-hard alum, these gameday boots are the ultimate way to display your loyalty to your alma mater.

A fall season wouldn’t be complete without the sacred ritual that is tailgating. When you’re setting up your tent, grilling some hamburgers, and kicking back a few cold ones, there’s no better time to show off your college fashion. We know you’ve got your college's t-shirts, dresses or polos, and maybe even a pair of classic cowboy boots, but nothing says die-hard school spirit like a pair of custom-designed leather college boots from Gameday.

Hailing from Texas, it’s easy for us to forget about anything else besides football, but our college boots are perfect for every occasion in any season. Whether you’re stomping on the bleachers during basketball season, catching a foul ball during a baseball game, or simply out on the town with friends, our college boots are a distinctive stylistic statement.

Just because we’re located in the heart of Austin doesn’t mean you have to be a Longhorn to buy some boots. Now, with our online college boots store, it’s easy to purchase a pair of your school’s boots even if you’re rootin’ for the Raiders in Abilene, cheering on the Huskers up in Lincoln, or rollin’ tide in Tuscaloosa. If you love your school nearly as much as we love first-rate cowboy boots, then these college boots are a must-have. Swing by our place in Austin or take a gander at our store right here. Pick yourself up a pair of high school or college boots today and show your fellow tailgaters exactly what real school spirit looks like.


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